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Medilife Air Ambulance Services came into existence by SK SINGH with an endeavor to deliver easy medical emergency and air medical transport. Since the establishment year, we are committed to providing an atmosphere in regard to humanity, respect and steadfast in meeting the essentials of severely ill and critical care patients and their family.

We provide all the vital aeromedical services, whether it is an emergency air transport or a planned patient transfer. Our keen and expert professionals are ready and equipped, day or night, to rapidly respond to an emergency, mobilizing all the essential required resources. We intend to aim to assist patients and their families through arduous medical and health crisis.

  • Professional Paramedics
  • World Class Services
  • Short Notice Booking
  • 24/7 Assiatance

What We Offer

We clearly understand that locating a precise air ambulance service provider can be perplexing and a difficult decision to make. Medilife Air Ambulance Services is committed to treat every individual patient as a family and look after every vital requirement of the patient. With our beside-to-beside medical amenity and service, our medical personnel will be accompanying the patient throughout the journey from the initial pick up, and stay with them until the final arrival at their respective destination.

We provide the best service in industry