Train Ambulance Services

Shift your patient from one city to another within
India through the best train ambulance service
provided by medilife.

Medilife Train Ambulance Certifies Safe & Cost Effective Patient Transportation

Medilife Air Ambulance Services embrace a special service which is Rail/Train Ambulance Service that is comprehensive across the nation. We emerged with our Train Ambulance Service to reach out to those patients who reside in remote areas where good medical amenities are out of reach & for those who are medically stable where time is not the primary concern.

Medilife Train Ambulance Services – Salient Features

  • Train Ambulance Service for those patients who find air ambulance is quite expensive for them
  • Patient transportation through Train Ambulance embrace cost-effective and equally helpful to them
  • A complete bed-to-bed easy patient transfer from shifting to discharging
  • Steadfast professionals and experienced medical crew have been made available for train ambulance transfer
  • We provide a complete medically equipped train ambulance in regard to air and road ambulance
  • Required medical amenities in train ambulance entail ventilator, oxygen, cardiac monitor, infusion pump, suction machine, scoop stretcher, defibrillator, emergency drugs, and a lot more.
  • A complete bed-to-bed service and train ambulance are entirely fitted-out with up-to-the-minute medical technology and machines.
  • A complete ICU-equipped atmosphere with our train ambulance
  • Patient under the complete supervision of an ICU specialist
  • Only specialized and well-experienced medical personnel are allowed to provide medical assistance to the patient and accompany the patient all through the rail journey.

Medilife Train Ambulance Services is precisely deliberated to reach out to the needy suffering from severely ill and critical emergencies located in such areas where medical facilities are not so technologically advanced. Also, to them who cannot easily afford an air ambulance service cost to move their patient from one place to another in regard to delivering the best medical provision. It’s clear; Train Ambulance is less expensive and easily affordable ambulance to cover long-distance transportation.

We manage and handle things from end-to-end checking every detail of the arrangement of the patient transportation through train ambulance precisely. The service is carried out by our specialized Patient Transportation Specialists. Our specialist checks everything from beside-to-beside with things such as medications, meals, hygiene, and other vital medical care aspects.

Our Medilife Train Ambulance is entirely equipped with the advanced medical tool and apparatus to stabilize every condition of the patient through rail journey, also the train is suitably fitted-out with the essential medical supplies that may require through the journey. The train compartment bestows a complete ICU-equipped atmosphere to deliver that intensive care and support during an emergency. We embrace a large fleet of train ambulance extremely well-resourced and equipped with a comprehensive variety of medical technology and tools.

Thus, if you need to move your patient through rail/train ambulance from any city across India to anywhere across the nation, please look forward to contacting our Medilife Train Ambulance Service for the fastest and most comfortable rail journey. Our service is widespread to every city in India. We are easily available to you through a call, an SMS, or approaching us via an e-mail. Our service operators will get connected to you once your request will be sent. We are open 24/7 to assist you with maximum benefits on rail/train ambulance service.


Thousands of people trust us

Medilife Air Ambulance Services has helped me and my husband so much when he was having a major cardiac arrest and in need of best medical facilities. Thank you for your services.

Aaradhya Sinha


“I just wanted to tell you thank you to save the life of my mother . You all provide a wonderful service and, needless to say, we were very pleased. Thank you again so much.”

Reyansh Sekhar


“I want to express the wonderful service we received from you . My father was in need to be transported urgently from Patna to Delhi and it becomes only possible with the help of you.

Ajeet Singh

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